Laurent (Drums) - Mathieu (Guitar) - Quentin (Vocals) - Olivier (Bass)
Formed in may 2006, FIRE AT WILL plays a heavily punked hardcore, influenced by bands like Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, 88 Fingers Louie, Comeback Kid, Rise Against, No Trigger, Bane, Champion... Their lyrics mostly deal with social issues, and by pointing at negative aspects, the band wants to deliver a truly positive message. Brothers Mathieu and Laurent also play in the melodic hardcore band Nowhere Fast, meanwhile Quentin performed in xUp Rightsx, a straight edge band signed on the dutch based Commitment Records. Quentin is also the man behind the hardcore label Eternalis Records and Olivier is the drummer of 8CONTROL. FIRE AT WILL has to be seen live, so don't miss them if you want to attend a positive hardcore show!