I'm pround to announced that the Skull Soda EP "Wood and Tales" is finally available!! So get your copy now on the Eternalis Records webstore! Enjoy.

Couldn't take my dotcom back, the eternalis records new website adress is: www.eternalisrecords.fr
There's also a new email adress: contact@eternalisrecords.com
I'm finishing promo graphics for skull Soda and the Cd will be ready to go to the pressing plant at the end of december. Can't wait!

Hey what's up folks?! Eternalis Records is Back in buissness! I'll celebrate the 10th anniversary on february 2014!
I'm pleased to say that Skull Soda signed on Eternalis Records. The CDEP "Wood & Tales" will be out in the beginning of 2014. You can stream the full tracks on the website. So stay tuned!